PENSA enjoys working relationships with the following corporations, academic groups and government agencies.


In February 2011, SAP generously announced a $3.5 million grant to support the SAP Initiative for Energy Systems Research. This funding is supporting a wide range of activities to improve the efficient generation and use of energy resources. Funding from SAP is supporting relationships with:

PJM Interconnections - PJM is a nonprofit organization that matches energy generators (primarily natural gas, coal and nuclear) to meet customer needs. The PJM grid is the largest in the country, spanning New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio and Chicago.

NRG Energy - NRG Energy is a Fortune 250 wholesale power generation company headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, providing nearly 26,000 megawatts of electric generating capacity.

PSE&G - PSE&G is a local utility that provides both generation and transmission.


Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Livermore is providing major research funding into understanding the economics of emerging energy technologies, developing robust transmission networks, and maximizing the efficiency of energy generation, transmission and storage systems.


Center for Computational Learning Systems at Columbia University

CCLS focuses on using the power of machine learning in a wide range of problems ranging from health to energy. They have special expertise in the use of machine learning to improve maintenance policies for the New York City power grid managed by Consolidated Edison. We are working with CCLS to design robust load curtailment strategies in anticipation of bottlenecks that may arise as the number of electric vehicles grow.


Air Force Office of Scientific Research

AFOSR supports theoretical and algorithmic research into stochastic optimization, which is playing a major role in our ability to solve complex stochastic optimization problems.


National Science Foundation

NSF is supporting research to bring together the fields of stochastic programming and dynamic programming to solve stochastic optimization problems which arise in energy policy research.


ExxonMobil Corporation

ExxonMobil is supporting research into alternative energy sources.