There is a growing number of groups at Princeton contributing to the problem of finding better solutions to meeting our energy needs, and improving the environment. These include:

The Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment

The Princeton Environmental Institute

Program in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy (STEP)


A host of other links with useful information about energy are:

General energy news

Smart Grid



Green Energy News


General energy information

Department of Energy - Good starting point for an overview of major energy initiatives and priorities.

DOE Energy Information Administration - The motherload of all sources of information in energy economics. - General purpose energy website from the government.

World Energy Outlook - Energy analysis and projections provided by the International Energy Agency

National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) - Government laboratory focusing on renewable energy. Good starting point for information on renewables.

McKinsey Report: Reducing U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions: How much at what cost? Executive summary - Contains the famous graphic showing the relative value of different strategies for saving energy.

McKinsey Report: Reducing U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions: How much at what cost? - The full report

PJM Interconnections - PJM is the largest grid operator in the country, and is the most widely studied. Their website provides a wealth of information including real-time prices, markets and information about wind energy (and many other topics)

Energy resources at Princeton University - This webpage contains pointers to a wide variety of sources within the Princeton University library. - For research at the interface of energy and finance, this website contains links for financial data.

The Neural Energy website - A quick overview of a number of topics about the smart grid. - Open Energy Information website - a wiki that is a massive repository for energy data.

Where energy is produced.


Interactive maps for the grid and different types of energy generation - A nice series of energy maps


Climate change

Scenarios of greenhouse gas emissions and atmospheric concentrations - U.S. Climate change science program - 2007.


Demand response - Demand response at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


Electric power/Smart grid

Generation of electric power - Overview of the general field of electric power generation

EPRI - Electric Power Research Institute is funded by the electric power industry, and performs a wide range of research projects relevant to the electric power industry. Click on the Research button for research reports on a wide range of topics.;mostpopvideo - A video on the Bloom Box - a new type of fuel cell that offers the possibility of generating electricity for a home for an investment of a few thousand dollars, plus the cost of a fuel such as natural gas. - The website for - Visualization of the electric grid

Smart grid animation by ConEd -

Rural electrification - A thorough summary of the issues surrounding electrification of rural areas. This is a particularly important dimension facing the growth of developing countries. - The website for PJM Interconnections contains a large amount of data for the PJM grid (pricing, loads, ...)


Natural gas

Overview of the fracking process


Renewables - Extensive NREL report on analysis of renewable futures



NREL's solar page



Compressed air storage

The importance of energy storage - Overview of storage from the Solar Southwest Initiative



DOE 20 percent wind energy report

Global wind energy council - Website for GWEC - good general source of information for wind.

Improving the value of wind energy through backup generation and storage - Lawrence Livermore report by Alan Lamont

Wind energy - 20 percent by 2030 - Powerpoint presentation

DOE Wind energy page - Some basic information on wind.

20 percent - A lot of background information on wind


Biomass - Cool Google earth dispay from NREL showing biomass sources.